Guided Edits - Share panel

The Share panel is displayed to the right of your image. In this panel, you can save the image at the same location or save it as another image. You can take the image to the Quick Edit or Expert Edit rooms. You can also share the image on Flickr or Twitter.


Save (Save / Save As)


  • Save your edited image to a folder on your computer. If you have not saved the edits before, you will be asked to pick a folder on your computer where you want to save your image.
  • Use the Save As option to save the edited image to another folder or by another name.
  • The JPEG Options dialog allows you to select some advanced image formatting options. If you do not want to make any special changes, click OK to accept the default settings.

Continue Editing (In Quick / In Expert)


  • Take your image to the Quick Edit or Expert Edit rooms. This means that you have make edits in the Guided Edit room and then make some more adjustments in the Quick and Expert rooms.

Share (Flickr / Twitter)


  • Share your freshly edited image with your family and friends on Twitter. Or upload you images to Flickr where you can create photo albums that you can share.

Note: For Flickr and Twitter, Photoshop Elements will ask for one-time authentication for each sharing app or site that will have sharing access to your images.