Elements Home screen
Access Help resources for features, customize and share Auto Creations, try out new workflows, and do more from the Adobe Photoshop Elements Home screen.

When you launch Elements 2019, the Home screen helps you to easily get started with Elements applications. The Home screen showcases a carousel of cards to help you discover new features, try out exciting features, and explore and personalize Auto Creations. You can also quickly search for Help resources of your desired features. The Home screen also allows you to start from scratch with one of the Elements applications.

In the upper-right corner of the Home screen, you can click  or  to visit the Elements pages on Facebook and Twitter. If you need to contact Adobe Customer Care, click .

The Home screen has all the resources to get you up and running with your Elements app.

Get started with the Home screen

When you launch the latest release of an Elements app for the first time, you can view the Last Used Version section on the Home screen. In this section, you can do one of the following:

  • For Adobe Photoshop Elements, select your previously used version in the Select Version drop-down list of Photoshop Elements and click Confirm.
  • For Adobe Premiere Elements, select your previously used version in the Select Version drop-down list of Premiere Elements and click Confirm.
The Home screen after the first launch of an Elements app; Notice the Last Used Version section.


Apart from selecting the previously used version in the Select Version drop-down list:

  • If you don't remember your previously used Elements version, select Don't Know.
  • If you are a new user, select First Time User.

The Home screen on a subsequent launch of an Elements app. Under Auto Creations, click Add Media to import media. You can then view Auto Creations when you relaunch the app.

Explore and customize Auto Creations

Auto Creations, or auto-generated creations, are available to you on the Home screen. Under the section Auto Creations, you can view auto-created photo collages, slideshows, video collages, and Candid Moments. Click View All or use the number icons below the Auto Creations thumbnail to view all the auto-created projects.

Auto Creations are created with media (photos or videos) that you've imported. If you haven't imported any media, click Add media under Auto Creations on the Home screen and relaunch the app. You can open and edit any Auto Creation and instantly share it with your family and friends.

To know more about how to edit and share Auto Creations, see View and share auto-created photo collages, slideshows, and more.

Import media to view Auto Creations such as slideshows, photo and video collages, and more.

Discover Help resources for new features

In the carousel of cards displayed in the upper part of the Home screen, you will find information about newer features in your Elements app. The cards are labeled What's New and have a blue tag. Use the arrows on the left and right side of the carousel to discover resources on new features. Hover over a What's new card and click Open Link. You can then access relevant Help resources to learn more about the feature.

Use the arrows on the sides of the upper panel to learn about new features.

Try out exciting features

The carousel of cards displayed in the upper part of the Home screen includes Try This cards (with green tags). These cards help you try many exciting features. These features range from basic to advanced, depending on the actions that you perform in the app. Use the arrows on the left and right side of the carousel to access the Try this cards. To try out a feature, hover over the feature thumbnail on the Try this card and click Try. The Elements app is then launched and an onboarding coach-mark guides you through the steps to achieve your desired result.

Use the left and right arrows to find the Try This cards on the Home screen.

Search for Help resources of features

On the Home screen, use the Search bar at the top to quickly search and find Help documentation or tutorials of your desired features. You can search projects such as slideshow, photo collage, greeting card, and more.

Use the Search bar to search resources for features such as slideshow, photo and video collages, and more.

Open your desired Elements application

You can open any of the three Elements apps from the Home screen. Click the icon of the desired Elements app to open and work with it. From the Home screen, you can open the following:

  • Elements Organizer (Organizer) to import and manage media (photos and videos) files
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (Photo Editor) to create and work with photo projects
  • Adobe Premiere Elements (Video Editor) to create and work with video projects
Click an icon to easily open your favorite Elements app.

Access recent files

You can access your project files in one of the Elements apps that you recently worked on, from the Home screen. This way you can quickly work with the project from where you left it. Elements displays up to six project files under Recent Files on the Home screen.


Ensure that you save your project file each time you exit the app. When you re-launch the app, you can pick it from where you left it from the Home screen.