Intel supported graphic cards might be displayed as unsupported


Intel supported graphic cards recommended and supported by PRE might be displayed as unsupported.


  1. Check if the user machine's GPU preference is supported in PRE. For more infromation, see Recommended graphics cards.

  2. If the card is supported, check for incompatability issues with the driver version of the GPU. For more infromation, see Incompatible graphics cards.

  3. Once you make sure that the card is supported and the driver version is compatible, request the user to share screenshot of GPU-Z and check if OpenCL is supported.

  4. If OpenCL is unsupported, ask the user to update the driver version of the GPU and see if this solves the issue.

  5. If the user's machine already has an updated driver version, use 'hit and trial' on old driver veriosns till you find a version that supports OpenCL.

    Connect with the product team to know the possible/required driver versions.