Render a portion of timeline in GPU Acceleration enable mode


Sometimes the user could experience choppiness or other issues on a small portion of the project. This could be because of various reasons such as low RAM/Hard disk availability, other heavy GPU related process running along with PRE, HEVC or another media specific issue, etc.


In these situations, the user might want to render that specific part alone and not the whole timeline. The user might also not want to turn off GPU acceleration as that would mean them having to render the whole timeline.

  1. Keep the GPU Acceleration ON and ask the user to add an adjustment layer at the top-most track over the portion where rendering is required.

  2. From the effect's panel, choose Spherize effect and add it to the adjustment layer.

  3. Set the value of the effect to Zero. Since the value of the effect is set to zero, it won't have any impact on the output.

  4. Since Spherize is a Non GPU accelerated effect users will be able to render that specific portion.