Create a Luma Fade Transition effect - Guided Edit
Learn how to create cool transition effects between two video clips, two images, or an image and a video clip using a photo.

The Guided mode offers a set of built-in guided edits, which take you sequentially through a series of steps to help you perform a specific editing task. This guided approach helps you easily learn Adobe Premiere Elements and turn your videos or photos into professionally edited creations.

To learn about other guided edits, see Guided mode.

Create a Luma Fade Transition effect

Luma Fade Transition effect

Use this guided edit to create a cool transition effect between two video clips, two images, or an image and a video clip. This guided edit allows you to freeze a frame from your chosen media and save it as a photo, on which you can apply the gradient wipe transition effect. This effect is applied on the media during transition from one media to another.

To use this guided edit, do the following:

  1. Select Guided > Video Adjustments >  Luma Fade Transition Effect.

  2. Click Add media to import two clips, two images, or a clip and an image that you want to work with.

  3. Select the appropriate option to import media.

    The selected media are stored in the Project Assets bin. 

  4. Select both the media using the Shift key. Drag-and-drop the media to Track 1 on the timeline at the current-time indicator (CTI) position.


    Before proceeding to Step 5, move the CTI to the end of the first clip or image. In guided mode, the CTI automatically moves to the end of the first media. 

  5. To freeze a frame from the video as an image, click the Freeze Frame icon.

    Freeze Frame icon
  6. In the Freeze Frame dialog box, to export a frame as an image in your chosen location, click Export and choose a location.

  7. Click the Transition icon in the right panel. From the Transitions panel, drag the Gradient Wipe transition and drop it on the highlighted timeline area near CTI.

    Gradient Wipe transition
    A. Transition icon B. Gradient Wipe transition 
  8. On the Gradient Wipe Settings dialog box, click Select Image to select the image saved using the Freeze Frame dialog box. Click OK.

  9. In the Transition Adjustments dialog box, change the transition properties as follows:

    • Set the duration of the transition between two media in the Duration field. The default is 1 second
    • Click More and ensure that the selected alignment is Between clips.
    • Click Apply to apply the settings.

    For more information about transitions, see Transition basics.


    To see a smooth playback of the applied effect, you can click Render

    Render button
  10. To see the output, click Play.