The Adobe Sign feature to delete user information is available to the privacy administrator on all multi-license accounts.


Adobe Sign allows for all the information saved in a userID to be completely deleted from the Adobe Sign system (in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)). This deletion is complete and irrevocable once initiated.

Access to the tool is limited to only Account Admins that have the Privacy Administrator option enabled.

Privacy Admins only have the authority to delete userIDs that reside within their account (typically, the employees of the company).

How it's used

Deleting a user from the Adobe Sign server requires that you first have system authority over that userID. If the user is not in your account, you do not have any authority to delete them.


To determine if the user is under your authority:

  • Navigate to the User interface: Account > User
  • Click the Options icon (three lines on the far right)
  • Select Show All Users
  • Search for the email address of the user


If the email address is not found within the account, No users available using current filter displays on the screen.



If the user exists, you will have only one record (because email addresses are unique).


To delete the user:

  • Verify the email address is correct, and that you are about to delete the correct userID
  • Single click the user record to highlight it. This exposes the action links just above the user record
  • If the user is in any status other than Inactive, click the Deactivate User link
    • Only Inactive users can be deleted
  • Click the Delete User Information link


The Delete User challenge opens, indicating the ramifications of what you are about to do.

Deleting a user will:

  • Cancel any agreements that are currently in process initiated by this user
  • Decline any agreements that are in process where the user is a recipient
  • Disable any active web forms created by this user
  • Prevent any integrations associated with this user from making any API calls
  • Remove any saved Library Templates created by this user
  • Delete any account shares to and from this user


Just under the dire warnings, there are three options:

  • Preserve agreements initiated by this user but remove user information including the resources above
    • Select if the user has created agreements that are still valuable to the company
      • Agreements are automatically shared to the account of the Admin deleting the user (See note below)
    • Applies only to completed agreements
    • You can delete these agreements later as needed
  • Remove user information including resources above and all agreements initiated by this user
    • Everything goes
  • Don’t delete user information at this time 
    • The default option


When the Preserve agreements option is selected:

  • All completed content created by the userID is shared to the Admin account that deletes the user
  • The email address of the deleted userID is preserved so it can properly be referenced by the history/audit report
  • Because the email address is preserved, a new user can not be created in the system with that same email value
  • If a new userID must be created using the preserved email address, all shared content must be deleted first, or the user will not be allowed to be created (due to a duplicate email address in the system).

Select the option that suits the situation and click Delete User Information (or Cancel)



One last challenge appears:

  • Click Delete User Information if you are certain
    • Else, click Cancel


A success message is delivered, indicating the userId is deleted from the database.

  • No regrets... click OK

Configuration options

There are no options beyond enabling/disabling the feature.

How to enable or disable

Access to the Delete User Information function is limited to Privacy Admins. 

Only when the user is flagged as a Privacy Admin will they have access.

To enable Privacy admin:

  • Log in as an Account admin
  • Navigate to Account > Users
  • Single click the user you want to promote to privacy admin
  • Select Edit from the menu above the user list


When the user panel opens:

  • Check the box at the bottom of the panel where it says User is a privacy administrator
  • Click Save

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