How to remove a user from my Adobe Acrobat Sign account


The below article is intended for accounts that manage their licenses within the Acrobat Sign user management system.

Accounts that manage their users in the Adobe Admin Console can remove the user's entitlement by removing the user from the Acrobat Sign product profile.

An Acrobat Sign account administrator can not directly remove a user from their account.

To have a userID removed from the account's authority, an account admin must contact Acrobat Sign support with the request to remove the user (as identified by their email address).


When a userID is removed from an account, the admin will lose all authority to interact with that userID and the agreements created by that user.

If you do not want to lose authority over the userID, the account admin can deactivate the userID by setting the status to Inactive. For more information, see Deactivate Users

Inactive user IDs cannot log in to Acrobat Sign and they do not consume a license in the account.

However, because they are still within the authority of the account, their agreements can still be included in reports, reviewed through account sharing, and generally understood/audited as part of the account assets.


To see the Inactive users in your account, do the following:


  1. Log in to Acrobat Sign as an admin.

  2. Navigate to Account > Users.

  3. Select the More Options icon   .

  4. Select Show Only Inactive Users.

    Navigate to Users and select the inactive users
    Navigate to the Users tab and select the option to view inactive users.


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