Capture signature on mobile device

The "Cross-device Signature Capture" feature is available to individual, team, business, and enterprise levels of service.


Adobe Acrobat Sign lets signers draw their signature or take a photo of their signature and upload it to the signature panel.

Taking a photo of the signature or physically drawing it is much easier on a mobile device and we want to make it easy for signers to complete the task when starting the signature process on a desktop or laptop.

Cross-device Signature Capture allows a signer on a desktop or laptop system to send an SMS to a mobile device with a link to create a signature, capture just the signature, and then relay that signature appearance back to the Agreement on the desktop/laptop system.


The option to capture a signature on a mobile device will not be present if the Agreement is configured for Typeset signature only, or if the agreement is already being viewed on a mobile device.

How it’s used

Signers who are reviewing their Agreement on a desktop or laptop system will see the option for Mobile when they open the signature panel.


Acrobat Sign sends an SMS link to the provided phone number, and the Signer has 5 minutes to use that link and capture their signature (the signing link can be resent at any time from the Agreement).


Clicking the link opens just a signature panel (not the full agreement) in the phone’s browser. The signature panel has two options for the Signer:

  • The Draw tab allows the Signer to draw their signature with their finger or stylus
Example of the Signature panel for drawn signatures


  • The Image tab allows the Signer to upload an image from the phone gallery
Example of the Signature panel for Images

Once the signer is happy with the signature appearance, the Signer clicks the Done button, and the signature is relayed back to the open Agreement on the desktop/laptop.

Click Apply to relay the signature back to the Agreement on the desktop/laptop.

Example of the Signature


Signers that have an active Acrobat Sign account (of any level, including Free) will have the option to Save their signature.

This allows the Signer to bypass the capture process for any future Agreements and simply apply a copy of this saved signature.

Logging to the Audit Report

The Audit Log will clearly indicate that the signature was captured by a mobile device, and expose the last four numbers of the device that delivered the signature.

Example of the Audit Log

Configurable options

Cross-device Signature Capture is available by default for any account that permits Signers to draw or upload an image of their signature. No further configuration is needed.

How to enable/disable

Navigate to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences > Allow recipients to sign and initial by

Cross-device Signature Capture is enabled as part of the signature type you allow.


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