Please login to Adobe Social and make sure to complete the LinkedIn company page authorization process that was introduced in the 11/5/15 Social release, as part of a two-phase LinkedIn API update. This is important because reauthorization is required in order to publish to LinkedIn pages after the release on 2/18/16, and ensures that 1) LinkedIn posts that are pre-scheduled to publish after 2/18/16 do not fail, and 2) post and property insights collection are not disrupted. Customers will still have the ability to reauthorize their LinkedIn pages after 2/18/16, but doing so in advance will ensure there is no service disruption.

  • The benefit of this upgrade to customers will be the ability to publish images (JPG, static GIF, PNG) to LinkedIn pages, which was previously unsupported (this enhancement also releases on 2/18/16). Customers will be notified about this and other enhancements via the Adobe Social Newsletter, in-product notification, and online release notes as we get closer to the launch date.
  • For step-by-step instructions on completing the authorization process, please see release notes and November Release: Re-Authorization Popup guide. If you have any questions, please contact your Social Account Manager or Customer Success Manager. 

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