Fotolia announced that the Adobe Stock Contributor portal will be the one place to upload, index, submit, and manage content going forward. This page provides answers to questions Fotolia contributors may have and explains how Fotolia contributors sync their account to start using the Adobe Stock Contributor portal.

How to sync your account

As a Fotolia contributor, you can access your Fotolia account data on Adobe Stock by syncing your Fotolia account when you sign in to the Adobe Stock Contributor portal for the first time. To sync your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Adobe Stock Contributor portal.
  2. Select Get Started to create an Adobe ID, or choose I already have an Adobe ID to sign in.
  3. Select Yes, I’m a Fotolia Contributor to sync your Fotolia account. You will be prompted to enter your Fotolia login and password.


Consult this FAQ to answer questions you may have about syncing your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock.

As of February 5, 2019, the Fotolia Contributor site will offer only limited features: making a payment request, uploading a tax form, and managing content. The content upload and the sales dashboard are disabled on Fotolia as of that time.

As of November 5, 2019, the Fotolia website will no longer be available.

Our development efforts are focused on the Adobe Stock Contributor portal which features an innovative UI and automation tools to make the submission process as easy and fast as possible. Here are some of the feature highlights the Adobe Stock Contributor portal provides:

  • Save time by taking advantage of auto-keywords, auto-category, and auto-titles.
  • Edit or add keywords to content that is already live.
  • Customize your Adobe Stock portfolio page on your contributor profile with collections of your best work.
  • Learn about the bestselling content from our Contributor of the Week showcase and what it takes to be featured.
  • Promote your work through Adobe Portfolio, allowing you to build a beautiful website with your Adobe Stock content for free.

No. All your accepted content remains available on both the Fotolia and Adobe Stock sites whether or not you sync your Fotolia account with Adobe Stock. Syncing your Fotolia account allows you to upload and manage your content, view your sales, and request payouts on the Adobe Stock Contributor portal.

You will retain your rank. The rank determines the royalties for Fotolia credit sales and the minimum payout for large subscription packs on Adobe Stock.

At this time, there are no plans for exclusive content for standard images, vectors, and videos.

No. On Adobe Stock, the number of credits required for an asset is fixed and can’t be customized. The cost per asset depends on the asset type and the buyer’s purchase plan (credit pack or subscription). For more information, please see Royalty Details for Contributors.

Adobe Portfolio allows you to create a beautiful, personalized website to promote your content. Visitors to your Adobe Portfolio website can purchase your images via Adobe Stock. Using Adobe Portfolio provides an opportunity to increase visibility and monetize your content.

As an Adobe Stock contributor, you benefit from a complimentary Adobe Portfolio membership if you have at least one file online. In the ‘Dashboard’ tab of your Adobe Stock contributor account, navigate to ‘My Portfolio’ and click on the ‘Collections’ tab. Right-click on a collection and choose ‘Publish on Adobe Portfolio’.

You will be redirected to the Adobe Portfolio site where you can customize the page, and, if desired, add Lightroom CC albums and existing Behance projects.

Yes, you can continue to sync your account after November 5, 2019, when the Fotolia website will be consolidated into Adobe Stock. Please keep in mind that you will need to sync your Fotolia account in order to upload new content after February 5, 2019, and all new content uploads must be done via Adobe Stock Contributor portal.

As of February 5, 2019, you cannot upload and submit any new content using the Fotolia website, but you can continue to request payouts, manage your content, and upload a tax form on the Fotolia website until November 5, 2019.

After November 5, 2019, content that is available for license on both the Fotolia and Adobe Stock websites will only remain available for license on Adobe Stock and you will continue to earn royalties under your existing agreements with Fotolia.

If you don’t wish to continue as a contributor, you can close your Fotolia account and request a final payout by contacting contributor support. There is no minimum earning requirement for final payouts.


If you have forgotten your Fotolia password, select the Reset Password link on

If you have forgotten your login, please contact Contributor Support.

This could occur if you have more than one Fotolia account and the email address you used for your Adobe ID is associated with a Fotolia account that doesn’t have any content. Please contact Contributor Support to sync your Adobe Stock account with the correct Fotolia account.

Please contact Contributor Support to resolve the issue.

Please contact the 3rd party app developer to confirm compatibility with Adobe Stock. As a reminder, you can upload directly on the Adobe Stock Contributor portal using drag and drop, or through FTP. We also support direct uploads from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Bridge. For more information, see Upload your Content.

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