How to create a modal overlay | Vadnice za Adobe XD
Simulate interactivity within your app without having to duplicate artboards using the Overlay feature in Adobe XD.
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Open the sample file or use your own. Start with a design that has a source artboard and an artboard to overlay it. For this design, we created an artboard with a pop-up menu in front of a rectangle that has a Background Blur applied. The background blur will soften each underlying artboard the overlay is applied to and help draw attention to the menu.

artboard with popup menu Adobe XD

Switch to Prototype mode to wire an artboard or object to the overlay artboard. Try different Transition settings to find the animation effect you like. Use Desktop Preview to test the effect.

desktop preview Adobe XD

Wire as many different artboards or objects to the overlay as necessary.

image background blur

See how the overlay with background blur interacts differently with each underlying artboard.

background blur with underlying artboard

Now you can create a realistic user experience more efficiently with modal overlays.

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