Adobe Sign for Salesforce customers that have installed version 19 of the solution must update their installed package to v19.5.2 before Salesforce updates their environment to Summer 18.

Action required for Adobe Sign for Salesforce v19.x customers

If you are running Adobe Sign for Salesforce version 19.x, you must take action before June 1, 2018 or before June 8, 2018, depending on your organization.


What is the issue?

The Salesforce Summer ’18 release, which is being progressively rolled out in June by Salesforce, contains changes which affect backward compatibility with the Adobe Sign for Salesforce integration and will impact the ability to send some agreements.

Starting June 1, 2018, customers running Adobe Sign for Salesforce version 19.x who are upgraded to Salesforce Summer ’18 will be unable to add recipients and send agreements on the Lightning version of the Send page.


What action is required?

If you are running v19.x, upgrade to Adobe Sign for Salesforce v19.5.2 before Salesforce upgrades your org to Salesforce Summer ’18:

  • Go to the AppExchange, click Get It Now and follow the instructions.

If you need help with upgrading, please refer to our Adobe Sign for Salesforce (v19) Installation Guide.


Who is not impacted?

  • Customers already running v19.5.2
  • Customers running versions lower than v19.x
  • Customers running Adobe Sign for Salesforce v19.x with legacy Visualforce send page.


Need more information?

For more information, contact Support through the Adobe Sign application. Your Support options are presented by first signing in ( and then selecting the “?” up in the upper-right corner.

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