The Adobe Sign release notes are ordered below with the current release at the top, and rolling back in time as you scroll down the page.

Release Highlights - 2014

New and Improved Capabilities

Verify signers with phone authentication

  • Streamlined, mobile friendly user experience for identity verification
  • Enables two-factor authentication
  • Automated verification code sent via voice or SMS text message
  • Available through EchoSign web and API 
Phone Verification

Change authentication methods on the fly

  • Easily reset identity verification settings on documents that are out for signature
  • Use the new Protect tab to make changes and review other document protection settings 
On the Fly

Automate web form processing with multiple signatures and approvals

Embed signable forms in your website with multi-step workflows

  • Finalize agreements that start on your website as a self-service event
  • Define counter signers
  • Select an identity verification method for each
  • Available through EchoSign web and API 

More web form improvements

  • Newly redesigned interface for widget signing
  • Customize height and width of widget to ft embedded window frame 

Improve customer signing experience for any screen and device

  • New responsive user interface adapts to all browser screen sizes 
  • Consistently excellent signing experience across all computers and mobile devices 

Work with Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a powerful publishing platform that optimizes digital customer experiences across the web, mobile, and communities.

With this integration, AEM customers can: 

  • Collect signatures in addition to data on AEM forms
  • Build e-signing into customer experiences or back-end business process managed by AEM 

Extend integration capabilities

Rich Set of New EchoSign Platform APIs 

  • New APIs
    • Sending documents with phone authentication
    • Creating widgets with multiple countersigners
    • OAuth API for authenticating users
    • APIs for embedded Manage, View Agreement, and Account pages
  • Overall strategy to have equivalent functionality between SOAP and REST APIs 

Be more productive with EchoSign from your iPhone

Completely redesigned native iPhone app Sign and manage on the go

  • Sign offline
  • Approve with a single click
  • Save partially-flled forms during signing
  • Replace or delegate signer
  • Reject signing request Get signatures from others

Get signatures in person 

  • Capture geo-location information
  • Send docs from library, device, or cloud 
  • Preview docs before sending 
  • Choose signer language

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