Adding form fields to a document (for example, Word document or PDF) creates a fillable form that a signer can complete and sign. Learn how to add signature fields and form fields to your documents in Adobe Sign. 

Create a form using the drag-and-drop method

These tutorials focus on using the drag-and-drop method to add fields to a document and give you all the basics you need to start building forms.

Create a form using drag-and-drop (Part 1)

Learn how to add a Signature, Date, Signer Name, Initials, e-mail, Title, and Company Name field to a document, and how to collect information from multiple participants (signers) in a single document.

Video (4:12)

Create a form using drag-and-drop (Part 2)

Learn how to use the Text field with validations, which allows you to capture dates, SSNs, ZIP codes, and e-mail addresses.

This tutorial also covers how to make fields mandatory, add tool tips, and align and resize form fields.

Video (4:38)

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