Learn some of the key administrator features and tasks in these video tutorials.

Create and manage groups

Multiuser Adobe Sign services accounts get access to the Group feature. Groups allow you to have separate subsets of users that have access to different Library Documents, and different settings (such as logos and CC’d parties).

Video (2:25)

Add users

Multiuser accounts allow for multiple users to be in the same account. An account can have as many ACTIVE users as they have seats. Learn how to add new users to your account.

Video (1:30)

Add users in bulk

You can add users or update user's information in bulk to your account using a .CSV file. 

Click here to learn how.




Create reports

Use the reporting feature to gain visibility into data related to your document signing process, including how individual groups or users are using Adobe Sign.

Video (3:14)

Account sharing

Give or get view-only access to another user's agreements using account sharing. When sharing is enabled, agreements sent by another user can be viewed on your own manage tab.

This feature can be helpful to managers or admins wishing to monitor documents sent for signature by individual users, for example.

Video (1:33)

Global Settings

Global Settings are Administrator level settings that apply to all users in your account. In this tutorial, you will learn about the key settings on this page.

(Video: 2:34)

Shared Events and Alerts

Video (1:54)

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