If you’re new to Adobe Sign, these tutorials will give you a solid foundation in all the basic features and workflows you'll need to start getting documents e-signed right away. Configure your user account; learn the different ways you can send documents for signature; and get acquainted with the prefill feature.  

Configure your user account

When you first log in to Adobe Sign, there are a few simple steps you should take to get your user account ready to use. In this video, you’ll learn how to verify your profile information, choose your signature option, and set up your personal events and alerts (or notifications).

Get more detailed information on setting up your user account here.

(Video 2:53)

Prepare and send a document for signature

In this video, we’ll step through the most commonly used workflow in Adobe Sign. You’ll learn how to upload a document, add form fields, and send it to a recipient for signature.

Video (1:39)

Get multiple parties to sign a document

You can get multiple parties, with separate email addresses, to sign a single document and you can also choose the order in which the parties sign the document.

Video (1:44)

Get a document signed by a large number of recipients using Mega Sign

When you want to get a single document signed by a large number of people, use Mega Sign. You add the recipient’s email addresses, upload a document, add a signature field and send it. Each recipient receives a separate copy of the document for signature.

In this beginner’s tutorial, we’ll go through the basic steps.

Use a .CSV file to import signatures to a Mega Sign transaction

You can import a large number of email addresses to your Mega Sign transaction by uploading a .CSV file. Get more information here.  

(Video 1:12)

Sign and send a document using Only I Sign

To sign a document yourself and send it, use the Only I Sign feature. This video shows you how to upload a document, sign it, and email it to someone else.

Video (1:07)

Manage and track documents sent for signature

Learn how to manage and track the status of a document that you have sent for signature. 

Sign an agreement

Learn how to sign an agreement.

Video (1:56)

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