This article helps you to solve "Email is already in use" error message.




Adobe Sign


Desired Email Address: *****1*****
Current Email address: *****2*****

Follow these instructions carefully as changing email address associated with your Adobe Sign User ID can be fairly tricky.

This process is necessary because Adobe Sign does not allow an email address to exist in more than one account.

Your desired email address: *****1***** is most likely associated with a pending User ID in the system. Pending means that this email address is recognized by the system but has never been registered with Adobe Sign or created a Password. This email address has to be registered at to sign in. 

Once you log in using that email address, continue to follow the directions below:


You must have access to the intended email address's inbox to complete this process. Also ensure that both Adobe Sign accounts are accessible. 

  1. Log in to Adobe Sign which uses the email you would like to free up. ( *****1***** )

  2. Click your Name (upper/right corner) and select My Profile. Add the text 'arc' to the end of the email address so it looks like this  *****1***** 


    If you want to retain access to this Adobe Sign User ID, then you have to assign the same to a valid email address.

  3. Log out of that account and log in to the account you want to use the freed email address for ( *****2***** ) 

  4. Click your Name that appears in the upper/right corner of the screen and select 'My Profile'. You can then change the email address to the newly freed email address ( *****1***** )

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