Log in error: Your email and password do not match. Please try again.

Authentication error

There are two potential reasons why someone would be receiving an error message that reads "Your email and password do not match. Please try again." when logging in to the Adobe Sign web site:

  • The email address is wrong. This happens most often when someone has changed their email
  • The password is wrong or expired. This can happen because:
    • You are entering the wrong password. This happens most often after a recent password change
    • The password has expired due to aging beyond the maximum age for a password (as set by the account-level admin for the account)
    • The password was expired because a password rest was requested, but never completed
    • The password was expired due to too many consecutive failures to authenticate to the account
    • The password was expired because the user was deactivated by an administrator
Authentication error message

In all cases, the only method forward is to reset your password using the Forgot Password? link directly under the error message.

Clicking the link opens the Forgot your password? text box where you can enter your email address and click Submit.

Forgot Password panel

A success message displays indicating that an email has been sent to reset your password.

The email address that is being used is explicitly stated in the message. Please verify that the email is correct.

Forgot Password success message

In most cases you will get an email with a link for you to change your password:

Change password email

If you get an email indicating that your account is deactivated, you will need to contact your account administrator.  

Inactive account email