If you are using Adobe Sign REST API, you can permanently delete your Signed Agreements by using the DELETE/agreements operation.


Adobe Sign REST API V5


Enabling API Retention:

API Retention feature is not enabled by default. To enable the DELETE/agreements operation, your Account Admin has to submit an Adobe Sign Support ticket.
For more information on how to enable the Retention features for your account, refer to Adobe Sign - Document Retention.

Deleting agreements using API:

Once the Retention is enabled, you can delete agreements using API.

Retrieving Agreement ID to delete:

  1. Go to https://secure.echosign.com/public/docs/restapi/v5.
  2. Under the Agreements section, select GET /agreements.
  3. Create Access Token using the OAUTH ACCESS-TOKEN button.
  4. Click Try it out. Response has agreementIds of the agreement.
    Here is an example:
  "userAgreementList": [
      "latestVersionId": "3AAABLblqZhBAt3mwTOmC0-5lslujD5Zu9fmK0hESlUCvvS617lyjzOqMGSAuuwNtXiPCvdEuLqEM2cISBpPGkir_U0xoZXtA",
      "name": "Test",
      "displayDate": "2018-08-01T11:46:40-07:00",
      "displayUserSetInfos": [
          "displayUserSetMemberInfos": [
              "fullName": "Test Signer",
              "email": "test@email.com",
              "company": "test"
      "esign": true,
      "agreementId": "3AAABLblqZhBHC6Alb8nDZBTIseAnmLQQcsA2po7n-b9TPvqIaknE-_w6wsLKauAq6dIm6vwueM9FK8EF74y7mtEwTdgkaaAR",
      "status": "SIGNED"

Deleting Agreement:

There are two DELETE/agreements operations.

  • DELETE /agreements/{agreementId}: Deletes an agreement. Agreement is no longer visible on the Manage Page of the user.
  • DELETE /agreements/{agreementId}/documents: Deletes all the documents of an agreement. Agreement is visible on the Manage Page of the user.

Steps to delete agreement:

  1. Select the DELETE/agreements operation that is to run.
  2. Click the OAUTH ACCESS-TOKEN button and create access token with areement_retention scope.
  3. Provide agreementId of agreement you want to delete.
  4. Once the agreement is deleted, Response Body has 'no content'.

Additional information

You get following response if the DELETE/agreements operation is not enabled:

  "message": "The operation requires some account settings to be enabled. Please contact the Adobe Sign team to enable the settings."

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