Adobe Acrobat Sign for Teams: Release Notes

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Teams: Release Notes provides information about the new features and changes that are included in the current release of the Adobe Acrobat Sign integration with Microsoft Teams.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Teams 2.0 Updates

Updated Home page

The Adobe Acrobat Sign Home page is now available as a personal tab in Microsoft Teams, thus making it easy for you to get information and take action. You can view your account status and sign, send, author, and manage your agreements. 

Notifications in the Activity Feed

Notifications will now appear in your Teams activity feed for critical agreement status changes: 

  • Agreement is ready for you to Sign

  • Agreement has been completed

Support for Single Sign-On (SSO)

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Teams now supports Single Sign-On through Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. Users who have added and configured Azure AD are seamlessly signed-in to the Adobe Acrobat Sign app when they open it. 

Rebranding from Adobe Sign to Adobe Acrobat Sign

The application name and icon have been updated to reflect the most recent brand changes. Adobe Sign is now called Adobe Acrobat Sign. 

Discontinued access via Teams channel

You can no longer add Adobe Acrobat Sign as a tab in the Teams channel. If you were previously accessing the app via the Teams channel, you must install the Adobe Acrobat Sign app directly into Teams.

Online resources

To read more about the solution and to start a free trial, see Adobe Acrobat Sign integration with Teams.

To learn how to install and use Adobe Acrobat Sign in Teams, see Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Teams: User Guide.

Customer support

For assistance with product usage, sales, registration, and troubleshooting:

For Adobe Acrobat Sign Help, community-based support, and inspiration, visit

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