The Adobe Sign for Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) integration provides a simple interface designed to enable users to send agreements for signature and receive notifications as the agreements progress through the signature cycle.

The scope of this document is limited to the Adobe Sign functionality within the Workplace environment, and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for Workplace as a whole.


Supported Platforms:

  • Workplace web app on latest browser versions (Chrome 67+, Firefox 60+, Safari 11+)
  • Workplace chat app for desktop version 1.0.34 onwards (Win 7 and above, Mac 10.13 and above)
  • Workplace chat app for mobile (iOS v11.2.6+ and Android v7+)
    • Safari on iPad is not currently supported


Establish your connection

The first thing you want to do is create/verify your Adobe Sign user.  This is achieved quickly by opening the Adobe Sign Bot:

1. Log in as your user in Workplace

2. In the Search field (just under the Contacts list on the right), enter Adobe Sign

3. Click the Bot icon, and a dialogue window opens to the left

4. Click the Get Started link

  • At this time, your user is created in Adobe Sign (if it doesn't already exist). 
    • Users that have a new Adobe Sign account created in this manner have a randomized password applied to their account.
    • If you ever need to log in to Adobe Sign directly, you first need to reset your password using the I forgot my password link
  • If an error message appears indicating that a user could not be created, contact your Workplace administrator with the error message

Starting an agreement

The Adobe Sign integration has four launch points to start a new agreement

  • From the Search bar (bottom right of the page)
  • From the persistent menu (in the Bot chat window)
  • From the Bot Menu (upper right of page if exposed)
  • From the Extensions option in any chat window with another person

Search Bar

You can launch the chat Bot by typing Adobe Sign in the Search field at the bottom right corner of the Workplace window.

The chat window opens from the bottom of the page, to the left of the Search field.

  • Click Get Started to launch the Welcome card.
  • Select Send for Signature to open the new agreement panel.
Get Sarted Link

Persistent Menu

If the Adobe Sign chat bot is already open, you can find a persistent menu icon just above the other icons on the bottom row (three stacked dashes).

Click this icon to expose three options:

  • Send for Signature - Launches the new agreement panel
  • Check Status - Opens a new window to the Adobe Sign Manage page, where you can review the status of your agreements
  • Learn More - Opens the About Adobe Sign page in a new tab which contains links to:
    • The User Guide
    • Leave Feedback 
    • Adobe Sign Terms of UsePrivacy Policy, and Cookies
Persistent Menu

Bot menu

Workplace accounts that have enabled extensions like the Adobe Sign package may list the Bot objects in the upper right of the Workplace page (just above the list of users).

Clicking the Bot from this location opens the chat window with the Bot, allowing you to click Send for Signature, and launch the new agreement panel.

Bots List

Extensions icon

Every chat window to another user or group has a list of icons along the bottom.

The one that looks like a cube is Find Extension. Clicking this icon will present a list of enabled extensions for your Workplace account. The Adobe Sign extension can be found there.

Clicking the icon launches the new agreement panel.


Configure and Send an Agreement

The new agreement panel consists of three required parts:

  • Recipients - The list of people that need to interact with the agreement
  • Message - The agreement name, and any information or instructions that need to be communicated to the recipients
  • Files - The content, or documents, that need to be signed by the recipients

And one optional:

  • Preview & Add Signature Fields (Authoring) – Possibility to add additional fields and perform complex calculations before agreement sending
New agreement panel

Recipient list

The Recipient list allows you to type in email addresses freehand.

To add multiple recipients, use the Enter/Return key to indicate a new address.

Each address will present as a "tag" in the field.

Only a sequential signature flow is permitted. Recipients get the agreement in the order they are listed. 

Up to 25 recipients can be included in one agreement sent from Workplace.


Message section

The Message section consists of two fields which can be entered/edited freehand:

  • The agreement name - The top (single line) field is the "name" of the agreement.  
    • This agreement name is what is inserted into the subject line of the agreement, and how the agreement is displayed on the Adobe Sign manage tab (in the web application)
    • If a file is attached before the agreement name is entered, the name field will adopt the name of the file. (This value is fully editable)
    • The agreement name field can contain up to 255 characters
  • The message content - The message content is inserted into the body of the "Please Sign" email that gets sent to each recipient
    • The message content field can accept up to 1000 characters


Files field

The Files field shows the files (documents) from which the agreement is created.

Files can be added by clicking the Add Files link.  Two options are available:

  • Add from Adobe Sign Library - This option presents all of the documents that are available to the user within the Adobe Sign library
  • Add from Device - This permits you to upload a file from the device you are using to configure the agreement. Mobile devices are supported as well as desktop platforms


All files are concatenated into one PDF for the signature process. The files are displayed in the order they are listed in the Files section.

The maximum number of files that can be uploaded to one agreement is 50.


Once the three sections are completely filled out, if no authoring is required :

  • Click the Send For Signature button at the bottom of the panel to send the agreement to the first recipient.
Filled agreement panel - no authoring


A confirmation message is displayed:

Sent Confirmation


Clicking the Check the status of this document link opens a window to the Adobe Sign Manage page.

Preview & Add Signature Fields (Authoring)

Authoring is an optional step that opens a new tab to the Adobe Sign web application, allowing the user to place fields anywhere on the document for one or more recipients.

To send an agreement with authoring:

  • Check the Preview & Add Signature Fields box
  • Click on the Next button
  • Place the fields as needed and click Send

Click here for more information on the Authoring experience.


Filled agreement panel - with authoring

Once the agreement is sent, a "success" message is delivered via the chatbot:

Success message

Signing an agreement

The notification process informs Workplace users in near real-time when an agreement is waiting for their signature. 

By clicking the Go to Document button just under the notification, the user can open the document, review it as needed, and then apply their signature.


Notifications to the user can be triggered by any agreement involving the user, regardless to the point of origin. Agreements sent external to the Workplace environment, or from an entirely different Adobe Sign account will push notifications in the same manner.

All notifications from Adobe Sign are received in the Adobe Sign Bot chat panel.

Please sign notification


A new tab opens to reveal the signable document.


Pop-up blockers must be disabled to open the Sign window.



Once the signature is applied, the Thank you for signing notification is delivered to the recipient.

When the agreement is completed, a separate notification is delivered to the sender and all recipients indicating the completed status along with a Download button.

Thank you for signing


Clicking the Download button generates a click able dialogue containing the name of the agreement.

Click that dialogue bubble to open the PDF.

Click Download

Things to know...

The interface fields have limitations:

  • Maximum number of recipients is 25
  • Agreement names can be up to 255 characters
  • The Message field can contain up to 1000 characters
  • Maximum number of files that can be uploaded to one agreement is 50