AEM Forms on JEE user fails to login on AEM Forms on OSGi side

When you create a user on AEM Forms on JEE from adminui and provide it permissions to access forms manager or HTML Workspace, then those users are also considered AEM Forms on OSGi users. When you attempt to login with such a user from AEM Forms on OSGi side, you can encounter an error message similar to the following:

WARNING [] (http-/ Error occured while performing authentication. Marking the authentication as failed.:| [com.adobe.livecycle.usermanager.client.AuthenticationManagerServiceClient] errorCode:16385 errorCodeHEX:0x4001 message:Exception thrown is NOT a DSCException : UnExpected From DSC chainedException:ALC-DSC-099-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCRuntimeException: Connection timed Connection timed out chainedException trace:ALC-DSC-099-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCRuntimeException: Connection timed out

Perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open AEM web console configuration manager. The URL is http://[server]:[port]/system/console/configMgr.

  2. Locate and open Adobe LiveCycle Client SDK configuration.

  3. Provide a fully qualified URL of AEM Forms on JEE server. Click Save.


    The default URL also has a port number. If you are using a server farm, then the port might not be required.

Now, you can log in from AEM Forms on OSGi side.