Learn how to remove the Recipients from Blacklisted or Quarantine status, so that they can be targeted for the deliveries.


  • All Versions (V6.0, V6.1, V6.1.1) of Adobe Campaign.


In Adobe Campaign, it is possible to review the list of recipients who have been Blacklisted or Quarantined and remove them from this list, so that they can be Whitelisted and targeted for deliveries. Typically this is not recommended, as removing correctly Blacklisted or Quarantined addresses can negatively impact Deliverability however, it may be necessary to so on occasion.

Ro remove the recipients from the Blacklisted or Quarantined status, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Adobe Campaign as Admin.

  2. Navigate to Administration / Campaign Management / Non deliverables Management / Non deliverables and addresses.

  3. Search for the desired recipient.

  4. Once the desired recipient's details are retrieved, change the Status to Whitelisted or Valid from Blacklisted or Quarantined within the window opened.

  5. Save the record.

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