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Adobe Captivate Prime is a new Learning Management System from Adobe, with a learner first approach. It features a flat and intuitive user interface.  Read on to know the features of Adobe Captivate Prime. 

There are six roles in Adobe Captivate Prime application. You can browse Help content based on each role. 



Administrators have complete access to an organization's account. Administrators of an organization can set up the Captivate Prime account, customize the application and maintain day to day usage of the application. They can create external accounts, add users, assign learning content to employees, and track trainings using a powerful reporting engine. 

Click here to view the Help content for Administrators. 

Integration Admin


Integration Admin is an administrator who integrates the Adobe Captivate Prime application with any third party applications or your organization's applications such as SalesForce or FTP. An integration admin of Captivate Prime can also develop applications based on the Captivate Prime APIs. 

Click here to view the Help content for Integration Admin.



Authors can create learning objects such as modules, courses and learning programs for learners. They can upload doc, videos, PDF or Captivate content into Captivate Prime. Authors can create all types of modules, courses and job-aids that can be consumed by learners of an organization. They can also combine modules to create and manage custom courses. 

Click here to view the Help content for Authors. 



Learners are the end users of the courses created by authors. Learners can access the learning content that was enrolled by themselves or by the administrators of the organization. Learning content includes courses, learning programs, job aids, and certifications. 

Click here to view the Help content for Learners. 



Managers can view reports of their learners and generate new reports. Managers can nominate their team members for learning resources, approve learners requests for learning content, and also provide feedback on trainings received by their team members. Managers can also track team members performance in learning content using reports.

Click here to view the Help content for Managers. 



Captivate Prime now introduces instructors for courses and modules. Instructors can manage module sessions including the time, venue, and seat limit for the modules that are assigned to them. Instructors can also mark the attendance for module sessions, and completion status for learners. Instructors can provide quiz score and provide qualitative feedback about learners.

To view detailed information on Instructors, see Instructors in Captivate Prime.

Troubleshooting and Chat Support

When I click Contact Us, I’m not able to sign in or my product isn't listed. How do I contact support?

If Adobe Captivate Prime is owned by your company or organization, you won’t see it listed under your Adobe ID. Chat with Adobe customer care.