Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 14

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 14

Bugs fixed

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After applying updates 4 and 5 to ColdFusion (2016 release), cfcookie with NULL values throws an exception.


When using cfgrid format=applet with clients having Java 1.8 or newer versions display the following Java error message:

"Your security setting have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running".


When using CFFTP to connect to some S-FTP server, during connection, you can see the following error message:

"Algorithm negotiation fail".


Known issues

For a cluster setup, if the main instance ( cfusion ) is not a part of the cluster, restarting the instance does not start the server.

As a work-around:

  • Open context.xml present at C:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\runtime\conf.
  • Comment <Manager notifyListenersOnReplication="true" className="org.apache.catalina.ha.session.DeltaManager" expireSessionsOnShutdown="false"/>.
  • Un-comment <Manager pathname="" />.
  • Restart the main instance.
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