This document provides information about known issues, limitations, and workarounds, if any, in the latest release of Dreamweaver CC

Known issues in Dreamweaver CC 2019 (19.0)

  • Linter status bar button tooltip is not updated with linting error count after saving a document.
  • Context menu operations in Code Inspector are applied on code view, when code view is visible.
  • When you import or export a library in CC Libraries panel, you are unable to select a library or folder. 
  • In Sign In window, you are unable to perform cut, copy, or paste operations for text fields.
  • Redo operation is not available after you undo a change in Edit mode of Live View.

Known issue in Dreamweaver CC 2018 update (18.2)

When you attempt any site operations such as connecting to a server or switching a site, a pop-up dialog appears with a prompt to provide keychain password. 


  • Only on mac OS. 
  • After you update Dreamweaver 18.0 to Dreamweaver 18.2. 

The keychain access dialog shown below appears each time a server is accessed in a site. For example, if you have two sites with two servers (a remote server and a testing server) defined for each site, then this dialog appears four times.


Workaround: Click Always Allow on the keychain access dialog to prevent appearing again. 

Known issues in Dreamweaver CC 2018 update (18.1)

When you select RTL text, or when you select using the Shift + Arrow key, you experience some broken experience. Text around the last character is automatically deselected, and sometimes the whole line is selected at one go. As a workaround for this issue, manually turn off the highlightMatches property in the brackets.json file.

You can open the brackets.json file from the following location, using a text editor:

  • Win: %appdata%\Adobe\Dreamweaver CC xxxx\en_US\Configuration\Brackets\brackets.json
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CC XXXX/en_US/Configuration/Brackets/brackets.json

Known issues in Dreamweaver CC 2018 update (18.0)

  • Live view does not support CSS Grid Layout since the CEF version is lesser than version 3111.
  • Cut, paste, copy, and select operations not available for commit message in the Git Commit dialog box.
  • [macOS only]: You cannot search for a file in the Git panel when no files are open. The application does not accept the search string.
  • When you add a folder to .gitignore, then files other than untracked files are also grayed out.
  • Error message is displayed on opening and closing Git Bash in Dreamweaver.
  • Buttons in the Git panel go unresponsive when auto compilation is triggered for newly copied SCSS/LESS files in the repository. The Git panel becomes blank when you switch from developer to standard workspace.
  • You cannot connect to enterprise Git repositories that require two factor authentication using https.
  • [macOS only] Dreamweaver freezes when you change an image format to .jpeg while inserting an image from CC Libraries.
  • Welcome screen stops responding to mouse clicks and mouse movement when you open and close multiple files.
  • [macOS 10.13 only]: On pressing Enter key after selecting a DOM node in the DOM panel or a selector in CSS Designer, a blank editable box is displayed.
  • Snippets created with localized strings are not synced to cloud.
  • Adobe Stock search box in Welcome screen does take Japanese, Chinese and Korean input. This issue is seen on-and-off.
  • When you type Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters after bringing up multi cursors in Code view, the typed characters are inserted only on the first IP instance.
  • Code selection is broken if the selection has both English and bi-directional text.
  • [macOS 10.13 only]: When you double-click an image in Files Panel or when you click the PS button in the Properties Inspector, an error message is displayed. The image file is not opened in Photoshop if the applications are installed on an APFS disk volume.
  • [macOS 10.13]: Incorrect file path is inserted on dragging and dropping a file from Finder into design view, if Dreamweaver is installed on a APFS disk volume.

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