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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets - Brand Portal lets you share assets, folders, and collections as a URL with members of your organization and external entities, including partners and vendors. 

Sharing assets through a link is a convenient way of making them available to external parties without them having to first log in to Brand Portal. Link sharing access is restricted to editors and administrators. Refer managing users and groups page for details.

  1. From the  Brand Portal interface, select the asset to share as a link.

  2. From the toolbar, click the Share Link icon. The Link Sharing dialog is displayed.


    Notice that the asset link is already created in the Share Link field of the dialog. You can copy this link and share it separately with users. The default expiration time for the link is 7 days.


    Alternatively, proceed to perform steps 3-7 of this procedure to add email recipients, configure the expiration time for the link, and send it from the dialog.

  3. In the email box, type the email ID of the user you want to share the link with. You can also share the link with multiple users.

    If the user is a member of your organization, select the user's email ID from the suggested email IDs that appear in the list below the typing area. For an external user, type the complete email ID and then select it from the list.



    If you enter an email ID of a user that is not a member of your organization, the words "External User" are prefixed with the email ID of the user.

  4. In the Subject box, enter a subject for the asset you want to share.

  5. In the Message box, enter a message if necessary.

  6. In the Expiration field, specify an expiration date and time for the link using the date picker. By default, the expiration date is set for a week from the date you share the link.

  7. Click Share. A message confirms that the link is shared with the user(s) through an email.

  8. To view the shared asset, open the email that is sent out and click the link to open the Adobe Marketing Cloud page.

  9. Click the shared asset to generate a preview of the asset. Click X on the toolbar to close the preview.



    Currently, you can generate a preview for assets of type JPG, PNG, and GIF only.

  10. To download the shared asset, click the Download icon from the toolbar.

  11. To view the assets you shared as links, click the User Settings icon from the toolbar, and click View all my Shares.

  12. From the list, review the assets you shared.

  13. To unshare an asset, select it from the list and click the Unshare icon beside the asset entry in the list. A message confirms that you unshared the asset. In addition, the entry for the asset is removed from the list.