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This document is part of the Getting Started with AEM Mobile Guide, a recommended starting point for AEM Mobile reference.

The "Manage App" tile and "Manage App" page provides a means to view and edit application metadata. App metadata is required details for releasing an application to a vendor's store. This may include common metadata, iOS metadata and screenshots. See Manage App Tile for further details on common and iOS metadata. 


To edit the app's metadata:

1. Navigate to the dashboard page for the App.


2. Click details on the Manage App tile.

3. Click "Edit", on the top rail.

4. Enter the app's common metadata and iOS metadata.


Use the platform toggle to switch between platforms.


5. Click Done, on the top rail.


You can include App screenshots to the metadata roll up. Some vendors require accurate screenshots when submitting any app to their app store.  These images must already exist in Assets. See Asset Picker to upload your screenshots.

Add Screenshots

To add an Asset as a screenshot:

1. While in edit mode of the Manage App page, click add (plus icon).

Note: The screenshot must match the target device's screen resolution.

2. Use the Select Content modal to select the desired Asset


3. Click Done on the Select Content modal.

4. Click Done on the top rail.

Delete Screenshots

To remove a screenshot:

1. Click delete on Aseet to delete.


2. Click Done on the top rail.

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