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Learn how to publish and unpublish folders to Brand Portal.

As an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets administrator, you can publish assets and folders to the AEM Assets Brand Portal instance for your organization. However, you must first integrate AEM Assets with Brand Portal. For details, see Configure AEM Assets integration with Brand Portal.

After you publish an asset or folder, it is available to users in Brand Portal.

If you make subsequent modifications to the original asset or folder in AEM Assets, the changes are not reflected in Brand Portal until you republish the asset or folder. This feature ensures that work-in-progress changes are not available in Brand Portal. Only approved changes that are published by an administrator are available in Brand Portal.

Publish a folder to Brand Portal

  1. From the AEM Assets interface, select the folder you want to publish to Brand Portal.

  2. From the toolbar, tap/click the Publish icon.

  3. From the menu, select Publish to Brand Portal.

  4. Close the confirmation message. The folder is copied to the Brand Portal instance.

  5. Log in to Brand Portal as an administrator. The published folder is available in the interface.

Unpublish a folder

You can unpublish any asset folder that you previously published to Brand Portal from AEM Assets. After you unpublish the original folder, its copy is no longer available to Brand Portal users.

  1. From the AEM Assets interface, select the folder you want to unpublish.

  2. From the toolbar, tap/click the Unpublish icon.

  3. From the menu, select the Remove from Brand Portal option.

  4. Close the confirmation message. The folder is removed from the Brand Portal interface.


The procedure to publish/unpublish an asset to/from Brand Portal is similar to the corresponsing procedure for a folder.

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