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AEM Inbox and HTML Workspace

AEM Inbox is used to run and monitor Forms-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi. HTML Workspace allows you to run and monitor AEM Forms JEE Workflows. The following table lists important actions available in AEM Inbox for Forms-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi and in HTML Workspace for AEM Forms JEE Workflows.

Actions AEM Inbox HTML Workspace
Starting a process, task, or form application
Submitting tasks Supported
Assigning a task to a group Supported
Submitting to multiple routes Supported
Tracking tasks history and task summary Supported
Email notifications Supported
Reassigning tasks Supported Supported
Field level attachments for adaptive forms Supported Not Supported
Calendar view Supported Not Supported
Task level comments Supported Not Supported
Queues (shared personal queue, Claim tasks from queue) Not Supported Supported
Out-of-office notification Not Supported Supported
Assigning a task to multiple users Not Supported Supported

Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi and AEM Forms JEE Workflows

Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi and AEM Forms JEE Workflows (AEM Forms on JEE Process Management) have a different set of capabilities. The following table lists important capabilities and support available for the capabilities in Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi and AEM Forms on JEE Workflows:

Capabilities Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi
AEM Forms JEE Workflows
Adaptive Forms Supported Supported
Integration with other AEM solutions Supported Supported
Scribble Signature Supported Supported
Custom email templates Supported Supported
Defining task priority Supported Supported
Time out a task after due date Supported Supported
Loops within workflow Supported Supported
Dynamically choosing an assignee   Supported Supported
Using custom metadata Supported Supported
E-signature (Adobe Sign) Supported [1] Supported [5]
Manage task and form applications Supported [2]
Supported [2]
Document Services Supported [3] Supported [3]
Render completed task as adaptive form or PDF document Supported Supported [4]
Integration with Correspondence Management Supported Supported
Reset button Supported Not Supported
Workflow stages Supported Not Supported
Read-only adaptive forms Supported Not Supported
Hiding the default save button Supported Not Supported
Granular control over workflow details section Supported Not Supported
Adaptive document, HTML5 Forms, Interactive PDF Forms, Form Set
Not Supported
Process Reporting Not Supported
Digital Signature Supported
Startpoint categories Not Supported   Supported  
Bulk task approval   Not Supported    Supported   
Save draft with a custom name Not Supported     Supported    
Initiate a process with existing process data
Not Supported Supported       
Saving a startpoint as a draft Not Supported Supported
User avatar Supported Supported
Manager view Not Supported Supported
Search templates Not Supported Supported
Integration with third-party applications Not Supported Supported
Task-level attachments for workflow application or startpoint Not Supported Supported
Reminder email Not Supported Supported
Change title on task timeout Not Supported Supported
Email on task delegation and task claim Not Supported Supported
Send an email at the end of the workflow Not Supported Supported
Delegate between disjoint groups Not Supported Supported
Call a Web service from a workflow Not Supported Supported
XSLT Transform Not Supported Supported
Gateways OR, AND, NO WAIT   Not Supported Supported
Dynamic task priority Not Supported Not Supported
  1. You can use Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi to sign an already filled adaptive form. Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi supports out of the form signing. The in-form signing experience is not supported.  
  2. You require access to AEM Inbox to run and monitor AEM Forms OSGi AEM Workflows and HTML Workspace to run and monitor AEM Forms JEE Workflows.
  3. Native AEM Forms Document Services are available for both Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi and AEM Forms on JEE Workflows. AEM Workflow uses native document services for  Form-centric AEM Workflows on OSGi and AEM Forms JEE (Process Management) Workflows.
  4. AEM Forms JEE Workflows can only render an adaptive form. It does not support rendering an adaptive form as a PDF document.
  5. AEM forms JEE Workflows do not have a separate step for Adobe Sign. You require an Adobe Sign enabled adaptive form for AEM forms JEE Workflows. For more details, see Adobe Sign documentation.