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This section provides more detailed information on the improvements to AEM Communities since the 6.2 release.

To obtain the latest release, see the Deploying Communities section of the documentation.

Main improvements

  • New We.Retail Community reference implementation 
  • New account management features with email-based verification (member registration, lost member id, reset member password, email address change from member profile)
  • New ideation Community function allowing Community members to submit and to like the best ideas, then for Community moderators to review and assign a status
  • New pinning and featured content inline actions for Community moderators
  • New notification settings and email channel for notifications and subscriptions
  • New leaderboard component
  • Enhancements to responsive design and layout for Community pages with user friendly controls (pagination, sort order)
  • Enhancements to Member profile page (showing the list of assigned and awarded badges)
  • Enhancements to Community Site management (management of roles for each site)
  • Enhancements to Search experience (predictive search)
  • Support for author-side creation and editing of nested Community Groups
  • Support for creating Community Sites in multiple languages in one step
  • Support for badge management and assignment of badges to Community members
  • Enhancements to Catalog community function (showing resources and learning paths, filtering by tags/date/status)
  • Enhancements to Resources and Learning Paths (additional metadata, show to guest users, show in catalog)
  • Introduction of DSRP for storing Community content in a standard database (MySQL only)
  • Introduction of Contribution Limits to prevent spam and flooding
  • Support for dispatcher caching for guest users via TTL
  • Support for converting Community content into Content Fragments

Note: all these features are also available for 6.1 and 6.2 as a feature pack. Please check the AEM Communities release notes for 6.1 and for 6.2

Critical Changes

  • Enablement 2.0 : the enablement features no longer store reporting information in MySQL, it is stored in JCR. The MySQL dependency is only there for tracking SCORM content. This change is also present in 6.2 FP3 and  6.1 FP7.


All these features can be demonstrated using the AEM Demo Machine available publicly on when using the AEM Communities demo scenario and also within the new We.Retail reference implementation.