After upgrading our CQ5.3 publish instance to CRX2.1, it is now returning a 200 response for non-existent pages.


Case 1: If you don't have a custom 404 handler installed
If you don't have a custom 404 handler (under /apps/sling/servlet/errorhandler/404.jsp), then please upload and install attached package using CQ5 package manager.

  1. Go to "publish" instance http://<host>:<port>/bin/login.html?resource=/etc/packages.list.html and login as admin
  2. Click on Upload Package
  3. Upload click on OK.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Test by going to a non-existent page.

Case 2: If you have a custom 404 handler installed
If you have custom 404.jsp under /apps/sling/servlet/errorhandler/404.jsp then please update your code as follows:

if (!WCMMode.fromRequest(request).equals(WCMMode.DISABLED)) {
    if (isAnonymousUser(request) && isBrowserRequest(request)) {

Applies to

CQ5.3 with CRX2.1


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