The search index is an important resource, so use it carefully. CQ indexes template csd.xml the component atoms.xml if you do not specify to ignore indexing. Indexing these files can result in performance problems and large memory consumption.
By default, indexinghint="default" does a full-text index of the atom. Determine what to index and what not to index by asking yourself the following question:

"Do I want to see this atom in a search result?"

If the answer is no, disable indexing for this atom. After you disable the indexing for an atom, search can't find any results for that atom. Here is how to change the config to disable the indexing for your atoms:

  1. Iterate all of your atoms.xml under your components. Change indexinghint="default" to indexinghint="ignore" only for the atoms that you want to disable indexing.
  2. Iterate all of your csd.xml files and do the same.
  3. Delete your component hierarchy files under your templates to force csd.xml files to be rebuilt
  4. Stop your instance.
  5. Delete the cq_home/data/your_instance/search/fulltext folder.
  6. Start your instance. Restart can take a while depending on your content size, since Lucene reindexes the content.

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