Issue: A FelixStartleve exception occurs


If you are getting an FelixStartlevel  exception, then perform these steps:

  1. Find the line above the error, which would look something like the following:
    09.12.2013 13:42:32.030 INFO [FelixStartLevel] scanning index <some path>/crx-quickstart/repository/<either version or workspace>/data_<some number>.tar
  2. Based on the path, go to that location.
  3. Stop your Adobe Experience Manager instance. Then, remove all index files using rm -rf <Path from above>/index*tar/.
  4. Change the permission of data tar file using chmod 644 <path from above>/data*tar
  5. Start the Adobe Experience Manager instance.
  6. In some cases, the data tar files cannot be recovered. If there are many data tar files, Index creation can take some time. Create daycare ticket to find root cause of this issue.

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