Delivery fails | Socket timeout


When you replicate a large page or document from one instance of Communiqué 4.2 or later to another, there's on error in error.log similar to the following:

20.02.2008 13:44:31 *INFO * author: Delivering content to transport handler. 20.02.2008 13:44:31 *INFO * author: http: starting delivery. destination is http://localhost:4200 20.02.2008 13:44:31 *INFO * author: http: setting authorization superuser:****** 20.02.2008 13:44:31 *INFO * author: POST: sending content, using http 20.02.2008 13:44:31 *INFO * author: http: Setting connection timeout to 1000ms 20.02.2008 13:44:31 *INFO * author: http: Setting socket timeout to 1000ms 20.02.2008 13:44:33 *ERROR* author: http: Error while delivering content: Read timed out 20.02.2008 13:44:33 *ERROR* author: Replication (Activate) of /etc/medialib/playground not successful: Read timed out Conversation follows


Do one of the following to increase the socket timeout:

  • In the Communiqué configuration, do the following to apply to all replication agents.
  1. Connect to your instance via CQDE.
  2. Open the /config/replication/cqnative.xml file.
  3. Increase the socketTimeout parameter (in milliseconds).
  4. Restart the instance.
  • In the Communiqué configuration, do the following to apply to an individual replication agent:
  1. Edit the replication agent by adding /request/protocol.socketTimeout='100000' in the field labeled "Additional transport parameters."
  2. Save the dialog. It is unnecessary to restart the instance.

Additional information

The issue can occur because you tried to replicate a large page, and the target instance did not reply before the socket read timeout.


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