Assets in our AEM Assets instance are missing renditions.  When we re-run the "DAM Update Asset" workflow on these assets, the renditions are generated.  How do we bulk re-run the workflow to fix the missing renditions?


WARNING: If the assets miss renditions due to failed workflows, then re-running the workflows do not resolve the issue.  Before running the steps below, go to http://host:port/workflow UI and select the Failures tab to see if the workflows failed.  If the workflows failed and you are unable to debug the root cause, then contact Adobe Customer Care.

A. Use the support fix-dam-assets tool:

  1. Install the attached package to AEM.
  2. Log in /apps/tools/components/fixAssets/run.html as an admin user.
  3. Enter the path of the folder where assets are missing renditions.
  4. Click Start.

This re-runs the DAM Update Asset on the asset you triggered. The code does a full traversal of the folder you entered as the path and finds all assets missing the three default renditions and generates them.

You can update the code to check if other renditions are missing, limit it to certain file types or run a custom workflow model instead. The code can be viewed in CRXDE under /apps/tools/components/fixAssets/POST.jsp

B. Use ACS Commons Bulk Workflow Manager

Another capable tool is ACS Commons Bulk Workflow Manager

C. Use the workflow web services

Alternatively, see this documentation for how you could use the workflow web services for triggering the DAM Update Asset workflow.