Learn how to work with the Microsoft Surface Dial in Illustrator.

Illustrator now supports Microsoft Surface Dial on Windows 10 Anniversary edition and later or directly on Surface Studio. You can use Surface Dial to adjust settings and parameters for your Illustrator documents.


While using Illustrator, long press Surface Dial to access the following options:

Undo/ Redo

Perform Undo and Redo operations.

Perform undo and redo operations by rotating Surface Dial


Move the selected object by one object to the front or one object to the back of a stack.

Arrange the selected object by rotating Surface Dial


Zoom in or out while you’re working on artwork.

Zoom your artwork by rotating Surface Dial

Artboard navigation

Navigate from one artboard to another in your document.

Navigate artboards by rotating Surface Dial


You can choose one of the following tools in Illustrator: Rotate, Scale, Brush, Blob Brush, and Eraser.

Rotate your artwork using Surface Dial
  • Select the Rotate tool, plot a pivot point on the selected object, and then rotate Surface Dial to transform the selected artwork about the pivot point at an interval of five degrees.
  • Select the Scale tool, and then rotate Surface Dial to uniformly scale the selected artwork at an interval of 5 percent.
  • Select the Brush tool or the Blob Brush tool, and then rotate Surface Dial to adjust the brush size.
  • Select the Eraser tool, and then rotate Surface Dial to adjust the diameter of the eraser.

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