Release Notes | October 2017 (13.0) release of InDesign CC

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What's new in this release

For a list of new features delivered in October 2017 release of InDesign CC, see New features summary.

Key issues resolved

  • Bigger and clearer Fill and Stroke icons in the Swatches panel.
  • Clicking three times on a text does not highlight entire line in the text box.
  • Bigger Reference Point widget in the control strip.
  • Very small transformation values below the cursor on Retina display.
  • Name of a form-field having period changes after export.
  • Very small table stroke in Control Panel on Retina display.
  • Paragraph Shading color changes when you open a document, created in InDesign CC 2015, in InDesign CC 2017.
  • Convert URLs to Hyperlinks fails when the URL ends with a sub-directory containing a number.
  • Convert URLs to Hyperlinks incorrectly detects text with a period inside letters and numbers.
  • Control Panel deletes more characters than highlighted.
  • Characters appear in reverse order when you type in the Find what text box of the Find/Change dialog box.
  • Information in the Info panel is not complete.
  • Opacity slider does not work when Control panel is docked to bottom.
  • Publish Online fails when you delete a page which was earlier published.
  • Toolbar pop-up menu opens on the wrong side of the second monitor.
  • Minimizing InDesign with the shortcut Cmd+ h does not work when no document is open.
  • Unable to scroll through the Glyphs panel.
  • [Mac only] Image becomes blurry while scaling it.
  • Presentation Mode does not work correctly.
  • Tab order in the Cmd+N dialog changes to Width > Units > Height.
  • Startup script New Document/afterNew does not work.
  • Copy/paste/move/duplicate table temporarily hides the header and footer rows.
  • [Win only] When you click a Menu, it disappears.
  • A new document gets created with incorrect width and height.
  • Gutter width changes when you reopen a document saved as idml.
  • Dragging objects layers does not work when user has selected the rows to appear smaller in the Layers panel.

Stability fixes

  • InDesign crashes on clicking Unlock All option in the Layers panel.
  • Random crashes while performing actions such as Save, Save As, and Save a Copy.
  • Protective shutdown on closing a document when a background process, such as PDF export, is running.
  • InDesign crashes on recursive place of documents shared over network in some specific scenarios.
  • InDesign crashes on saving a file after deleting it on the network.
  • InDesign crashes when a user performs menu action while Character alternate UI is active.
  • InDesign crashes on running a script from flyout menu, if another document is already open.
  • InDesign crashes while exporting a document to JPEG with some specific settings.
  • InDesign crashes on immediate zoom after text selection with Shift key pressed.
  • Protective shutdown while performing actions such as Save, Save As, and Save a Copy on documents located on network.
  • InDesign crashes on showing tabbed panel in ScriptUI based dialog.
  • InDesign crashes when copying table with graphic cell having grouped images/text.
  • [macOS] InDesign crashes while opening a quark document in some specific scenarios.
  • InDesign does a protective shutdown on recursive place of some specific documents.
  • InDesign crashes when placing a doc in another doc and then that doc into a third one, with one modified link.
  • InDesign crashes on clicking Cancel during packaging.
  • InDesign crashes on overriding cell styles in a table in some specific scenarios.
  • InDesign crashes on scrolling or deleting the pages for some specific documents.
  • Enhancements in recovery workflow to repair damaged documents thereby preventing random crashes.

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