In order for a Facebook account to be correctly linked to Adobe Advertising Cloud it must first be added to the project that is linked to the Advertising Cloud UI.


This article has been written by Gavin Daniel, Lead Support Engineer at Adobe

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You can check which project is linked to Adobe Advertising Cloud in the 'Manage Client' settings under admin. Scroll down the page and click on 'Link Facebook Projects' to see the following screen:


The relevant account must be linked in Business Manager to this project for it to show up in the UI when linking accounts. You can check this by:

1. logging into FB Business Manager (

2. Navigating to the Business Manager Settings section 

3. Select 'Projects' from the top navigation

4. Search for the relevant project ID or Name

5. Make sure the project we are linked to contains the account you want to display on Advertising Cloud

Once this is done you can generate a new account and once the token is generated the account you added should appear.



Before this can be done the user needs to have permission to access the account in Business Manager. 

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