Learn how to explore, choose, and refine typography in Photoshop to make your design perfect.

Typekit is now Adobe Fonts.

Large white ampersand in the middle of split image. Left: orange text over orange gradient. Right: fall leaves on the ground

What will I learn?

Beginner to advanced users will learn the basics as well as the latest features for working with typography. This series will cover:

  • How to add text to images
  • How to explore fonts and preview them in designs
  • How to refine typography by editing spacing and using glyphs
  • How to identify fonts from photos of text, and how to find fonts similar to a selected font
Top: “Wanderlusted” in plain white font on brown background. Bottom: “Wanderlusted” in script white font on black background

Beginners can start with the first video in the series. Intermediate and advanced users might wish to start with the second video.    

How to add text to your image

Learn about the Horizontal and Vertical Type tools, and how to add type into an image. Then learn how to format the text size, color, font, and other properties. Finally, learn how to select text from the layers panel.

Explore fonts

Learn how to preview fonts in your design.

See how you can explore fonts that are in Photoshop, and those that are part of Adobe Typekit. Adobe Typekit is a service that comes with your Creative Cloud subscription that allows you to choose from thousands of high-quality fonts. Afterwards, learn how to sync Typekit fonts with your Creative Cloud desktop apps.

Finally, learn how to sort fonts in Photoshop.

Refine the typography in your design

Learn about aspects of type that make great design, which include attention to the spacing between characters and lines, the style of your text, and the use of special characters, called glyphs.

Learn how to use the updated glyph panel to see alternate glyphs and special characters, and how to view other glyphs in an in-context menu right on your canvas.

Learn more about how to work with Typekit fonts and how to add fonts from Typekit.

New ways to identify and pick a font

New and updated font features in Photoshop can help you find great fonts for your design.

Learn how to identify fonts in a photo or screenshot, and how to find fonts that are similar to a selected font.   

Learn more about Adobe's graphic design software.

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