Discover where tools and features are located and learn essential shortcuts.

What you learned: Get familiar with the interface of Photoshop on your iPad

Tools and tool options

  • In the Toolbar, tap a tool to select it. The Tool Options bar opens if the tool has options.
  • Drag the Tool Options bar by its handle to position it anywhere or to dock it to the bottom of the Toolbar.
  • Long-press or double-tap some tools to reveal alternative tools.
  • Tap the foreground or background Color chip in the Toolbar to open the Color Picker and choose a color.
  • Swipe up or down on the Color chips to switch them.


  • Tap the Question icon > View gestures to see a list of touch gestures. For example:
  • Pinch or spread with two fingers to zoom.
  • Drag with two fingers to pan.
  • Tap with two fingers to undo. Tap with three fingers to redo.

Touch Shortcut

The circle at the bottom left is the Touch Shortcut. It’s a handy way to access additional functions, especially when you’re not using a keyboard. Tap the Question icon > View touch shortcuts to see a list of currently available touch shortcuts. For example:

  1. Select the Move tool.
  2. Press the Touch Shortcut and hold it down as you drag the image. This changes the behavior to constrain movement horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  3. Press the Touch Shortcut, slide your finger to its outer ring and hold it down as you drag the image. This changes the behavior to duplicate the selected layer.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use a keyboard and keyboard shortcuts with Photoshop on your iPad.

  • Tap the Question icon > View keyboard shortcuts to see a list of keyboard shortcuts, such as Command+Z to undo.


You can view layers in either Compact Layers view, which gives you more room to work, or in Detailed Layers view, which displays more information. At the top of the Task bar:

  • Tap the second icon to switch to Detailed Layers view.
  • Tap the first icon to switch to Compact Layers view.

The icons in the center of the Task bar control other layer-related functions. For example:

  • Tap the Eye icon to change the visibility of the selected layer.
  • Tap the Mask icon to add a layer mask to the selected layer.
  • Tap the Three-Dot icon to access many other layer commands.

Layer properties

Layer properties, like Opacity and Blend Mode, are in the Layer Properties panel.

  • Tap the third icon at the top of the Task bar to open the Layer Properties panel.

Share and save

  • Tap the Share icon at the top of the screen to export the image to various locations.
  • The image automatically saves to the Adobe cloud every few minutes as you work, so you don’t have to worry about saving.


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