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Use the Clone Stamp tool to hide distractions or remove objects from a photo.

What you learned: Retouch images non-destructively by using the Clone Stamp on a separate layer

Add an empty layer for retouching

Retouching on a separate layer allows you to modify your changes if necessary, protect your photo from direct changes, and quickly compare the retouched version to the original image.

  • Tap the Add Layer button (the plus symbol) in the taskbar on the right to add a new, empty layer above the main image.
  • Long press on the Spot Healing brush in the Toolbar to reveal the tool fly-out menu, and choose the Clone Stamp tool.
  • In the Tool Options bar, tap the three dots and set the Sample menu to Current and below. This allows you to sample detail from the underlying image and add it to the new layer above the photo.

Set other options for the Clone Stamp tool

  • Choose a Brush Size that is slightly larger than the area you need to retouch.
  • Choose a low Hardness setting to create a soft-edged brush that blends the retouched area with the rest of the image.
  • If you have to retouch close to a hard edge in the image, try a higher Hardness setting.
  • Set Opacity to 100% to completely cover up detail. Experiment with lowering the Opacity setting in other retouching situations.

Set the sample source

The crosshair at the bottom of the Tool Options bar for the Clone Stamp is the Sample Source tool. This is how you tell Photoshop where to copy image detail from when you use the Clone Stamp.  

  • Tap the Sample Source tool to activate it. While it’s activated, the icon is blue.
  • With the tool active, tap on an area of the image you want to copy.
  • Now you can use the Clone Stamp to brush over the area you want to retouch.
  • A small crosshair appears as you are retouching to show you where the detail is being copied from.
  • To sample from another area, tap the Sample Source tool again, and then choose a different sample area on the image.

Use the Touch Shortcut to set the sample source

Another way to set the sample source is with the Touch Shortcut button on the screen.

  • With the Clone Stamp active, press and hold on the center of the Touch Shortcut to switch to Set Source mode. 
  • A blue label appears at the top right of the screen to indicate that you’re now in Set Source mode
  • While this mode is active, tap on the image to set a new sample point.
  • Release the Touch Shortcut to return to normal Clone Stamp behavior.

Adobe Stock contributor: Galyna Andrushko

Presenter: Seán Duggan

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