Photoshop and Adobe Stock

Learn how to use templates and images from Adobe Stock to jump start and accelerate your creative projects...

Adobe Stock and Photoshop

Adobe Stock provides designers and businesses with access to millions of high-quality, curated, royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, and vector graphics for all their creative projects. You can purchase Adobe Stock on an as-needed basis as a single asset or you can purchase a multi-asset subscription. A number of subscription packages are available.

Use templates from Adobe Stock

Templates from Adobe Stock are available from right within the New Document dialog box in Photoshop. While creating a document, instead of beginning with a blank canvas, you can choose from a wide variety of these templates that include stock images, illustrations, and graphics.

Once you license and open a template, you can work with it just as you would work with any other Photoshop document.

To learn more, see Create documents.

New document dialog box
New Document dialog | Templates from Adobe Stock

Search for stock images from within Photoshop

  • In Photoshop, select File > Search Adobe Stock.

Use stock images in your Photoshop documents

use Stock images in Photoshop

Adobe Stock is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud Libraries. You can add a watermarked stock asset to any of your libraries directly using the Adobe Stock website. You can then use the watermarked asset in your Photoshop documents as a library-linked asset.

When you choose to license the asset—which you can do directly from within Photoshop—all instances of the watermarked asset in your open documents are updated to the high-resolution licensed asset.

For more information, see Use Adobe Stock in apps supporting Creative Cloud Libraries.

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