Learn how to reuse clips and sequences from other projects without reimporting media, as well as open multiple media browsers and control the creation of duplicate clips.

Four table tennis games are used to illustrate one sequence being used in four projects.

Manage multiple projects

Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to work with multiple projects easily — even from Adobe After Effects — thanks to direct access via the Media Browser. This video walks you through the options available to you, including importing clips and sequences from other projects and dragging media across multiple projects.

Import external clips (0:25); Open external sequence (1:25); Open multiple Media Browser panels (2:50); Work across sequences between projects (3:30)

Control duplicate clips

Premiere Pro has powerful clip usage management and tracking features. This video shows you how to determine which clips have been edited in a sequence and where — as well as how to navigate directly from a master clip in the Project panel to its location in a sequence and control whether duplicate clips are created during imports from other projects.

Add external media to timeline (0:15 & 0:45); Add external media and project to Project panel (1:35 & 2:00); Allow importing duplicate media (3:20 & 4:15); Enable duplicate frame markers (4:45); Find duplicate clips (5:10)
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