Suppress the image of the first page of the agreement in emails


Some email templates in Adobe Acrobat Sign provide an image to the first page of the agreement. (e.g., The confirmation emails the sender receives):

Images embedded in the email template

However, some business processes will not tolerate the potential risks of having an image of the agreement viewable in email (e.g., HIPAA-eligible transactions).

For these types of transactions, admins can configure the account/group to remove the image from the template:

Image removed from the template


Customized email templates are not impacted by this setting.

Configure the setting

The ability to suppress the image of the agreement on email templates can be configured at the account and group levels.

Navigate to the Global Settings (Group Settings for group admins) and scroll down to Include an image of the first page of the agreement in emails

  • When the setting is enabled, the image of the agreement is included in the email template
  • When disabled, the image is removed from the email template
Navigate to the setting


The option to suppress the email image is applied in real-time as the email is generated.

If you change the setting, all existing agreements are impacted as they generate new email notifications.


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