Bring your presentation data to life with Adobe Stock and Premiere Pro.

Discover a mesmerizing motion graphic template

Search for “animated charts” under Templates in Adobe Stock to discover a world of ready-made animation templates that are just waiting for your custom text and colors.

Hover over the search results to see animated previews of each template. Locate a template that closely represents your information and download it to your computer.

Customize the motion graphic template

Import the motion graphic template into Premiere Pro by selecting Install Motion Graphic Template from the Graphics menu. Then, locate the .MOGRT file from your computer.

Create a new Project in Premiere Pro and add the motion graphics template to the timeline.

Select the motion graphic template on the timeline and open the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro. Using the customization options, set the colors and text of the template to values that match your corporate branding and chart values.

Export a video of your animated data

Once you are happy with the appearance of your animated chart, render the chart to a video file. Choose Files > Export > Media in Premiere Pro to begin the process. Choose the h.264 (MP4) format and click Queue to launch the Adobe Media Encoder.

Show off your new skills at the next meeting

Import your video into PowerPoint by choosing Movie from File from the Video button in the Insert tab.

Set the video to auto play when the slide loads, then preview the presentation to test your work.

The final result

Now your data is easy to visualize and present.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.

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