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The 2015 release of Adobe SpeedGrade CC provides Premiere Pro color workflows with direct link, optimized scopes for better performance, and new SpeedLooks presets.

Read on for a quick introduction to the new features and links to resources offering more information.

SpeedLooks presets

This release of SpeedGrade provides you a wide variety of Look color presets to apply to your media. You can find these looks under SpeedLooks Cine Looks in the Look tab. For more details on using Looks on your media, see Share and reuse looks

Optimized scopes

This release of SpeedGrade comes to you with improved scope rendering performance. Scopes, the tools that let you analyze your image, are available in the Analysis Tools panel. To display the Analysis Tools panel, use the keyboard shortcut A, or click the arrow on the upper-left Monitor panel. For more details on using scopes, see Image analysis tools

Premiere color workflows editable in SpeedGrade

SpeedGrade has been integrated with the new color workflows in the 2015 release of Premiere Pro CC. When you send a project to SpeedGrade using Direct Link, SpeedGrade presents you with the Lumetri Color layer. This custom layer reflects all the color changes that you had made to your project in one layer without any custom controls. The Lumetri Color layer is displayed only if you have applied color changes in Premiere Pro. You can toggle on/off this feature as needed.

For more details about color workflows in Premiere Pro, see Color workflows.

For more information on using Direct Link, see Direct-Link workflow between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade.



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