Adobe Express FAQ for Adobe Stock Contributors

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Adobe Express includes access to Adobe Stock photos right within the UI. The photos in the Adobe Stock Free collection are available to all Adobe Express users, whether they have free or paid memberships. With the Adobe Express paid membership, users have access to the entire royalty-free Adobe Stock photo collection. 


Note: The Adobe Stock photo collection does not include Premium or editorial content. Limited Adobe Stock functionality available in web page and video features within the desktop app.

They can use the photos in Adobe Express projects. For more details, please refer to the full license terms.

For standard collection assets that aren’t part of the Free collection, we’ve created a new type of license called a Limited License – Adobe Express. With this license, Adobe Express users:

  • May use the asset within the Adobe Express app.

  • May incorporate the asset into their Adobe Express projects, and publish or download their projects for use outside the Adobe Express app.

  • May not download, export, or share the asset as a stand-alone file. 

  • May not use the asset as a stand-alone file outside of the Adobe Express app.

Standard photos in the Free collection continue to be downloaded under a standard license.

For complete information about license types and usage restrictions, please refer to the license terms.

Adobe Stock contributors will be paid royalties on every license of a photo from the Adobe Stock standard collection. We also paid contributors up front for every photo that’s available as part of the Free collection.

We believe that by making Adobe Stock standard photos available in Adobe Express, we’ll expose a broader group of users to Adobe Stock and create an additional source of income for our community of Contributors. 

Royalty rates for assets licensed under non-standard plans, such as the Adobe Express limited licenses, are either: (A) for non-video assets, 33% of the attributable amount, and for video content, 35% of the attributable amount; or (B) a flat rate, which is documented here.

Royalties for standard collection photos licensed through Adobe Express are listed as “Custom” in the Contributor’s dashboard.


Note: Licensed assets from the free collection won’t appear in the dashboard.


Making the Free collection available in Adobe Express does not change the end date. The agreement you accepted for your assets in the Free collection is still valid. Once your assets have been in the Free collection for a year, they'll be moved back to the standard collection. At that point, your assets will no longer be available for license for Adobe Express Free users but will remain available for license to Adobe Express paid members.


Only photos are available at this time. Other types of standard assets may become available in the future.