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How royalties work

Get details on royalty rates as well as our bonus program for active Adobe Stock Contributors. 

The below royalty rates apply to assets licensed under Adobe Stock standard plans, such as subscriptions, credit packs, and on-demand licenses. 

Asset type

Royalty Rate*







*The royalty rate is applied to the net price per licensed asset, based on the U.S. purchase price and including any discounts. For example, if the plan costs US$29.99 per month for 10 monthly photo licenses, then the royalty amount (rounded up to the nearest cent) would be US$0.99 per licensed photo (US$29.99 / 10 photos x 33%). Note: actual royalty calculations may not be rounded to the nearest cent. 

Adobe Stock also licenses assets through custom agreements and non-standard plans, such as Creative Cloud Express plans and Pro Edition plans for Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise. Royalty rates for assets licensed under these agreements and plans are either: (A) for non-video assets, 33% of the attributable amount, and for video content, 35% of the attributable amount; or (B) a flat rate.

Minimum royalty amounts

The following minimum royalty amounts apply to standard assets licensed under the Adobe Stock Large Subscription (350 standard assets per month or larger). Standard assets include standard photos, vectors, and illustrations.

*Excludes licenses from the free collection.

Lifetime Licenses*

Minimum Royalty Amount 

(per licensed standard asset)





10,000 and above


Bonus Program

For our active Contributors, based on the number of downloads your photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos receive during the 2021 calendar year, you can earn complimentary access to one of the following plans for one year: Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps, Creative Cloud Photography (20GB), Illustrator Single App, InDesign Single App, Premiere Pro Single App, or After Effects Single App.1

Here are the details:

  • If you have 150–4,999 downloaded qualifying assets, you can choose your complimentary one-year plan from these options: Creative Cloud Photography (20GB), Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, or After Effects.
  • If you have 5,000+ downloaded qualifying assets, you’ll get complimentary access to Creative Cloud All Apps for one year.
  • Each video download counts as 8 regular downloads. For example, you’ll qualify for the Creative Cloud All Apps plan if you have 625 video downloads (625 x 8 = 5,000), or a mix of video and any of the other asset downloads, such as 100 video downloads and 4,200 photo downloads.
  • Downloads must occur between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, and your Contributor account must be active.1
  • Only downloads from our standard collection of photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos qualify. Premium content, 3D assets, templates, Motion Graphics templates, free collection assets, and any other future file types are excluded from the count.
  • Only assets licensed through subscription plans, credit packs, and enterprise agreements qualify.
  • Bonuses will be determined in January 2022, and codes will be issued in February 2022.2 Note that we may update these guidelines at any time, so please check this page for the latest details. 

1 No signup necessary. An active contributor is an Adobe Stock contributor with at least two (2) submitted and approved qualifying assets in 2021.

2 Adobe employees are excluded from the bonus program.

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