This article lists the tasks that you should complete to implement Adobe Target.


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Discovery and Requirements

The objective of this phase is to define your online business goals so that your consultant or partner can envision the contribution of Adobe Target solution help meet these business goals.

This phase also defines the technical requirements of the implementation to help minimize issues that might be ecountered during the implementation phase.

Task Document Links
Complete the Business Request For Information document. business-rfi.docx
Complete the Technica​l Request for Information document. technical-rfi.docx

Installation and Provisioning

Your Adobe contact will assist you during the Adobe Target provisioning phase. After provisioning is complete, your designated admin will receive an email with login credentials.

Configuration and Implementation

After the account provisioning is completed, the next step is to start with the implementation of the at.js or mbox.js Adobe Target client library on the site. The client library is the component that allows Adobe Target to customize site content.

Adobe recommends using Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) to deploy the Adobe Target client library. Your consultant or partner will help you decide the best implementation method based on your requirements.

During this phase, you can learn about the different types of mboxes needed on one or multiple pages of the site (for example: order confirmation mbox captures the sales value). Your consultant or partner can provide guidance on various parameters that may be required to meet your business requirements and the methods to pass these information to the mbox on the page.

Task Document Links

at.js / mbox.js Settings

at.js Settings (using at.js is recommended for new implementations, see at.js FAQ)

mbox.js Settings (legacy)

Account Preferences

Account Preferences

at.js Implementation Details

Implementation Overview
Technical Implementation Details
Mbox Implementation
Configuration of Profile Lifetime

SPA (Single Page Applications) Single Page App Implementation using at.js
Additional Mbox Implementation Creating the Mbox

Dynamic Mboxes

Implementation of Order Confirmation mbox 

Order Confirmation Mboxes

Implementation of Order Confirmation mbox using DTM

Implementation of Order Confirmation Mbox using DTM

P​assing parameters to Mbox 

Passing Parameters to mbox

Post Implementation

After the mbox implementation is completed, your consultant or partner will work with you to validate the correctness and completeness of the implementation to meet the business requirements.

This helps ensure that the implementation is working as expected (for example: mbox is firing properly, various parameters defined are being passed and captured correctly).

After this step is complete, your marketing team is ready to start using Adobe Target.

Task Document Links

Validate using MboxDebug

Troubleshooting Content Delivery

Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger for Chrome Adobe Debugger

User Management

User Management

Implementation Resources

The following resources will help you during the implementation process. Refer to these guides for additional details and product information.

Adobe Target Implementation Guide Implementation Guide
Adobe Target Help Adobe Target Product Documentation